Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday 13 - Yes or No

Aunie Sauce

bought to you by the gorgeous Aunie.

1. Are you afraid of anything? Clowns (uugh) The Ocean (not sure why) Wind.

2. Do you believe in karma? Yes

3. Do you sing in front of others? Only if they're singing too, or the music's so loud I can't be heard

4. Do you only buy certain brands? Which? I have a preference for China Glaze nail polish.

5. Do you judge based on appearances? Books, definately. People, only occasionally

6. Do you have a picky appetite? Totally not. Unlike Brent (don't get me started)

7. Do you have allergies? Penicillian and Morphine

8. Do you always use your turn signal? Yes

9. Do you ever not wear underwear? At night, and in the shower, obviously.

10. Have you been fired? No

11. Have you been in a car accident? Yes, but didn'tget hurt

12. Have you been in a fight? Yes, puched a guy who was hassling a girl in a coffee shop. Only did it cause there was an even bigger guy standing right behind me

13. Do you make your bed every day? Absolutely not, only going to mess it up again at night.

No new nails today because I can't bring myself to take off Ruby Pumps.

P.S Just saw the China Glaze Hunger Games collection swatches at Scrangie and All Lacquered Up . I want. Now. Currently I want 10 out the 12, but I'll wait a little longer to really decide. I figure if I look every other week I may be able to narrow it down. To many times I've got entire collections even if I don't love all te colours.

Of course what's most likely to happen is I'll get them all.

Now I just have to wait for themto be available to Australia, or hope they don't all sell out on ebay.


  1. hahaha love the underwear and bed comments. Absolutely not!! So funny. And you don't sleep in underwear? Interesting... haha.