Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday 13 - Pet Peeves

Aunie Sauce

A series to discover more about me. Developed by the wonderful Annelise at AunieSAUCE.

This weeks topic


1. Bad spelling. Especially in text's.

2. Drivers who don't wave when you let them pass on a narrow road.

3. People who complain in blog comments. If you don't like something, don't read it.

4. People who don't return books on time. Yes, I am a librarian.

5. Cameras with bad white balance (may, in fact, be me, not the camera)

6. Supermarkets that don't stock Rice Bubbles(ie my local one)

7. Big postage costs to and from Australia, and stupid customs.

8. companies that won't ship to Australia.

9. People who say AKS instead of ASK, also PASGHETTI.

10. Not being allowed a puppy cause I'm renting.

11. IKEA being so much more expensive here.

12. Chips that don't crunch up in the oven.

13. My stupid Internet that keeps disconnecting when I'm in the middle of a long post. (I've written this one three times now)

Sorry this is another post wiith no polishes. I'm at home at the moment and can't upload with my laptop (maybe peeve #14). And all the local library computers have been fully booked the last couple of days.

I also dont like when Blogger adds line breaks to my posts

More pics coming soon, including Australia Day Nails and my Top Ten of 2011

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  1. Good ones! I shan't AKS you to tell me them again :) I share a lot with you!