Monday, September 12, 2011

Rrrrrrrgghhhh. Another No-Dry

This time it was China Glaze Westside Warrior.
Odd cuase I don;t usually have trouble with CG. Two coats of WW then one of Diamont and 3 hours before going to bed and still sheet marks. Pity cause it's a stunning colour.
Iv'e decided to blame the fact that I have shocking cirulation and my hands were freezing cold.


  1. Awwww boooo! You need some Seche Vite!! Such a pretty colour too!

  2. The stupid thing is I have some Seche Vite. I an't find my refill bottle though. :(. Must look for it tonight.

  3. That's gotta be my pet hate. In the days before quick dry top coats it usually meant binning the polish :(

  4. I hate when it happens, and it happens quite a lot. :(