Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back from Lakes Entance.

Hi, we're back from our fishing trip to Lakes Entrance. Between the two of us we had a grand total of three fish from four days fishing. And none of them was over 12cm long. Not that we keep them anyway all fish go back in the water. Half the time I just tie my bait to the line without a hook, just so I can watch them eating. I don't actually want to catch anything, that's icky.

Here is the polish that I wore down there. Wet ' ' Wild Grey's Anatomy.
It's a gorgeous duochrome, purple-green, but very very sheer. THis is four coats and still have VNL. Even after 3 days it was still on perfectly. Then we ent in a spa at the local swimming pool. And it all came off. Perfectly in the shape of the nail still and not a bit left on the nail bed. Best polish remover ever. But odd.

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