Friday, September 2, 2011

No Dry.

Here is the first mani I did last night
Sally Hansen HD DVD. Really pretty colour, this is 4 coats, but it would not dry. Even with Nubar Diamont, two hours and it was still sticky. So off it came.
And I put Oroton Dark Lipstick on. Fantastic brush, two coats, gorgeous colour. Absolutely c**p at drying. Went to bed after two hours and woke with sheet marks. Hence the dodgy photo of my right hand.
It's not so Fuschia IRL it's purple.
I wish my nails would grow back really quickly.


  1. Ugh, hate slow-driers! Such pretty colours, its a shame :(

  2. Oh that really sucks :( It's so disappointing when it won't dry!! Maybe try it on your toenails on a day where you can wear thongs??

  3. DVD would not dry? Naughty! I've not had that problem with mine, but maybe that's because I've only layered it over other things.

  4. I hate it when you get a polish refusing to dry. Oroton! How much $$?

  5. It is annoying when it doesn't try. Maybe I should try layering the DVD on my toenails when I'm wearing thongs. I think to Oroton is around $25 but it was a present so I'm not sure.