Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tax Time Problems, or Tax Time Greatness

Got my tax back and this is what I've purchased in the last 24 hours.
China Glaze Metal Crackles x6
Color Club x20
BYS x10
Liquid Palisade
Nail Art Pens x24
Glitter Nail Art Pens x12
Nubar Night Sky Collection
Fake Nails so I can sort polishes by colour.
Little boxes for above fake nails.

I have got to stop, or I wont have enough for a new fish tank.
Hopefully these things get delivered before school holidays finish, so my man doesn't notice.
They probably wont fit in my Lennart's (Things from IKEA that didn't cost as much as Helmer's.)
I will do a post on my storage when my new things come in.
Also I got my giveaway pack from Sharon at Polish Infatuated so they will be in a post soon too.


  1. OMG you've done you tax already! I must have been a nice return for that haul. NICE

  2. Holy moley!! That's AWESOME :D
    Oooh let me know how Liquid Palisade goes, I am DYING to try it. Will get it once I finish my No Buy July!!
    God I'm jealousssss, I want my tax! I won't get to do it til I visit Adelaide at the start of August tho :(

  3. What is the final decision then?

    Carlos Saunders
    glitter nail

  4. OMG - What an outstanding haul!!! Can't wait to see your upcoming posts. And I'm on a slow-buy too, dammit!

  5. I know it's a lot, but I put some in savings too, really I did.