Thursday, July 28, 2011

BYS Big Birthday Bonanza Winner

Here is the winner of my giveaway.
Using it came up with numer 11 (can't seem to get a picture of it though)
So then I consulted my Excel spreadsheet. (why can't I screen dump anymore, i used to be able to)
And the winner is
from Nails in the Desert
Congratulations Em. (Please check your email)


  1. Thank you thank you thank you sooo much :D :D :D

    I replied to your email .. my emails sometimes end up in Junk Mail so check that too haha.

    Thank you again :D

  2. Congratulations Em! I want to see swatches of the colours you pick!!

  3. Hell yeah, there will be lots of swatches :D I'll blog which colours I picked :D

  4. congrats Em! Enjoy your polishes, look forward to seeing what you pick and of course swatches!!