Friday, May 6, 2011

Bad bad bad foils

This is the pic before I put TopCoat on.

Once it was on though every thing went bad. So bad I can't show you.

Does anyone know which top coat I should be using?
My favourite thing of this picture is the Flower candle


  1. It looks pretty in the picture.
    I also hear that with foils, you can't use topcoat. No matter what, it just ruins the look.

  2. Yea there is no speacial top coat but to help with the wrinkling and cracking up is the type of foil glue and using a non fastdrying top coat. When applying the top coat you have to do it the least number of strokes with very little and eventually when it dries it wont look as bad.

  3. Thanks Chaos and Shadow, I guess I'll keep trying to see what works. At least it's fun doing it.