Friday, August 26, 2011

Purple Pleather

This is Orly Purple Pleather from the Plastix collection. Then I asked B what I should stamp on it and he said "Gold Four-Leaf Clovers" and sounded very proud of himself. I proceed to grad the 4 plates I have that have different 4 leaf clovers on them, and he very sadly said "Oh, you actually have clovers".
I don't think he understands that there isn't a lot of things that are not on one of the stamping plates.
So, anyway, he then looked at them and chose this one. Which unless I'm mistaken is a fern not a clover.
I had quite a bit of trouble withthe stamping, until I got to my right thumb, which, of course, was the last one I stamped. It's a BundleMonster plate, not sure of the number sorry, stamped with China Glaze Passion


  1. This looks kickarse :D
    LOL yes, definitely a fern :P Boys!

  2. Looks great!!!!! i love the finish of the plastix collection